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Golden lili - I am who I am - Lilianne Weinacht
I am who I am
Lilianne Weinacht
Golden Lili is about sharing the richness of gold and turning a true love for nature and life into mesmerizing designs.
Gold trading
Furs & Leather apparel
Sparkling wine with gold
Gold sugar (in cooperation with nobline)
Golden she

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Gold trading


Interested in trading gold? Leave your details below. After thoroughly verifying them, we will contact you in three days at the earliest.
Gold trading

Furs & leather apparel

Our high end apparel with touches of gold and elegant little twists are inspired by nature and brought into existence by a love for design.
Gold trading

Sparkling wine with gold

This fizzy wine with golden flakes floods the palate with its rich taste. This real treat will have you experiencing memorable moments.
Gold trading

Gold sugar
(in cooperation with Nobline)

Together with Nobline, Golden Lili is the mind behind these golden cubes. For any further information on this glistening sweetness go to
Gold trading


Serendipity is when you come across something enticing that you were not even looking for. Golden She is that pleasant surprise. She will put her heart and soul into modelling for your next alluring project.


Having entrepreneurial parents Lilianne Weinacht aspired to be a business woman herself. She left Rwanda and stepped out into the world with a business management degree in hand.

Out of love for the world and for life itself she wishes to communicate with every living being. She speaks seven different languages and passes those skills on to young children, wishing to teach them a thing or two about the world as well.

Her preference to work with fur and leather shows her true appreciation for the beauty of nature. The touches of gold in her designs allow her to be creative and to add an extra dimension to every single one of her designs. This true passion and happiness it brings her is shared with the rest of the world because of Golden Lili.